–object –use network_link to transport data from source DB to target DB –env connect dirty/oracle create test2 as select * from test1; @ –dblink –publi

1 背景知识 1.1 Types of Integrity Constraints 1.1.1 NOT NULL Integrity Constraints 1.1.2 UNIQUE Key Integrity Constraints Unique key is often incorrectly used as a synonym for the terms UNI

WHY 在软件升级到10.2.0.5之后无法使用带有schema的方式的建库,所以从10.2.0.1的软件中取出example来实现schema的整体迁移 ENV os: oel 5.5 64bit db: source; target clusterware:

共享磁盘配置 SCSI控制器:bus sharing: virtual Disk Provisioning: Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed fdisk只需要一边,另外一边重启后,自动识别 网上说要对着所有的节点做ssh,OKAY 以下是网络上配置的摘录 主

  [ora10g@oela ~]$ csscan csscan: error while loading shared libraries: libclntsh.so.10.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory [ora10g@oela ~]$ locate libclntsh.so.10.1 /

应用场景 实现任何时间,任何地点通过internet连接自己的测试环境。 环境架构 remote: 可以在任何的外网(理论上) internet: 本案例中是走上海铁通的网络 adsl: 上海贝尔的家用ADSL modem router: TP-LINK WR34

配置→存储器,添加 然后一路图形操作,完成。

1 What Are Factors? 1.1 A factor is a named variable or attribute, such as a user location, database IP address, or session user, that Oracle Database Vault can recognize. 1.2 You can use factors

What is RDA? Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) is a command-line diagnostic tool that is executed by an engine written in the Perl programming language. Platforms Supported At this time, RDA has been

1 What Are Command Rules? 1.1 A command rule is a rule that you create to protect SELECT, ALTER SYSTEM, database definition language (DDL), and data manipulation language (DML) statements that affe

1 What Are Rule Sets? 1.1 A rule set is a collection of one or more rules that you can associate with a realm authorization, factor assignment, command rule, or secure application role. 1.2 The ru

1 What Are Realms? 1.1 A realm is a functional grouping of database schemas and roles that must be secured for a given application. 1.2 Think of a realm as zone of protection for your database obj

通过 https://vault:1158/dva 登陆vault 将SYSTEM加入Oracle Data Dictionary Realm   [oracle@vault ~]$ sqlplus system   SQL*Plus: Release Production on Tue Mar 20 14:58:32 2012 &n