downstream库日志 Fri Dec 30 14:07:58 2011 ALTER DATABASE REGISTER LOGICAL LOGFILE ‘/u01/arch/1_32_771076032.dbf’ for ‘hr_cap_stream’ There are 1 logfiles specified. ALTER DA

关闭同步库的app进程 hr_app_stream Fri Dec 30 13:14:16 2011 AP01: warning — apply server 3, sid 35 waiting for event (since 75768 seconds): AP01: warning — apply server 2, sid 38 waiting

exec DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM.BUILD(); Thu Dec 29 13:19:00 2011 ALTER SYSTEM ARCHIVE LOG Thu Dec 29 13:19:00 2011 Thread 1 advanced to log sequence 9 (LGWR switch) Current log# 3 seq# 9 mem# 0: /u01/app/or

SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_MIN VARCHAR2(8) Ensures that LogMiner (and any products building on LogMiner technology) will have sufficient information to support chained rows and various storage arrange

创建MVLOG 需要3个权限 select on table_name create any table comment any table

–db:oem sh’s dblink create database link orcl connect to hr identified by hr using ‘orcl’; CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW cust_mv REFRESH COMPLETE DISABLE QUERY REWRITE

–创建基表 create table hr.t1 ( id number(10), name1 varchar2(10), name2 varchar2(10), name3 varchar2(10) ); insert into hr.t1 values (1,’a',’b',’c'); insert

1、查询有哪些apply程序 SQL> select apply_name from dba_apply; APPLY_NAME —————————— ORAZW_APPLY CRMDB_APPLY 2、查询有哪些cap

  streams apply在遭遇错误之后会生成错误队列。虽然Oracle提供了删除错误的函数,但由于其采用了队列机制,导致其速度非常缓慢。我们需要快速的删除错误队列的方式,我们在绝大部分情况下只要简单删除错误即

表格:sys.STREAMS$_PROCESS_PARAMS存储所有的stream进程参数,包含隐含参数。 desc sys.STREAMS$_PROCESS_PARAMS SQL> desc sys.STREAMS$_PROCESS_PARAMS Name              Type       

出现该错误,apply中止,调用了不存在的handler,起初一直以为dml handler,检查dml handler,一切正常。 SQL> select * from dba_apply_dml_handlers; OBJECT_OWNER                   OBJ

当我们不需要或者dml handler的时候需要把dml handler删除,由于没有仔细检查文档,一直头疼这个问题。后来倒是一个简单的想法,是否设置user_procedure参数为空,就可以把dml handler删除,测试之下,果然如此,

How to Skip Archived logs From smenu Jump to: navigation, search In this section we will deal with the loss of an archivelog. For streams it is clear that losing an archive means data will not be r