View:   X$KSMFSV
         [K]ernel S]ervice [M]emory Management
           Addresses of [F]ixed [S]GA [V]ariables 

 Column          Type               Description
 --------        ----               --------
 ADDR            RAW(4|8)           address of this row/entry in the array or SGA
 INDX            NUMBER             index number of this row in the fixed table array
 INST_ID         NUMBER       8.x   oracle instance number
 KSMFSNAM        VARCHAR2(19)       name of variable
 KSMFSTYP        VARCHAR2(17)       type of variable
 KSMFSADR        RAW(4|8)           addr of variable
 KSMFSSIZ        NUMBER             size of variable

该视图记录fixed Sga的所有变量地址,可以和x$ksmmem关联得到该值。

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coded by nessus
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